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Meet The Team

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Trustee and Founder of charity

“I'm Suzanne 

Our Angel Bears co founder and mother of 9 Angel Babies 


I lost my first Angel Aimee over 20 years ago. 

I was 17 weeks pregnant when I started experiencing spotting and pains,  I thought everything was okay as I'd heard her heartbeat a few days before,  but I went into labour at home and gave birth to my baby girl alone , she was perfect but already gone, I  was heartbroken, my partner took us to the hospital but there was no support. I felt lost and so alone in my grief. 


Many years later in a new relationship I was overjoyed to be pregnant again,  I saw my baby wriggling around on their 12 weeks scan safe and well. But a week later the pains and bleeding started , I lost my baby I was heartbroken again.


We decided to keep trying but each time I would lose my much loved baby.

Some of my pregnancies I got to 12/13 weeks others only to 7/8 weeks. I lost 8 babies in a row, recurrent miscarriages totally broke me.


I was diagnosed with Antiphospholipid syndrome, this was the reason for all my miscarriages.”


Suzanne is responsible for distributing our keepsake packages to 10 of our hospitals, manages our social media pages with posts and replying to direct messages, and runs our support groups in Bournemouth and Poole.



“I am Vicki I first became a mummy to a little star in 2012 I had been hospitalised with the severe pregnancy condition hyperemesis gravidarum. They wanted to give me a routine scan as I told them I thought I was around 10 weeks pregnant but I couldn’t be sure as I had pcos, during my scan they found a sac and baby but baby was only around 5 weeks so another scan was arranged for around a weeks time, a week later my baby had grown but no longer had a heartbeat, this was my experience with baby loss. I lost another baby in November of the same year.


I welcomed my beautiful rainbow baby in 2014 and I’m so fortunate to have him. 


Following his birth in 2015 I lost 2 further pregnancies. My last lost being my 4th we were allowed to have investigations, the results came back that the baby was a boy and he had a very rare chromosomal disorder called triploidy syndrome and he was incompatible with life.


I’ve not been through a fraction of what some other people have been through but I share my story to show that every baby matters and will be remembered.”


Vicki is our co founder along with Suzanne, distributes keepsake packages to 4 NHS hospitals and several private scan clinics, runs our online store, orders stock for merchandise and manages our finances.



Hannah is part of our admin team here and a parent of one beautiful angel. 


Hannah joined the team in memory of her beautiful daughter Harmony. Hannah has experience with TFMR (compassionate induction).

Hannh supplies hospital packs and supports with any admin requests. 



Olina is part of the admin team here and is parent to one angel, and has a beautiful rainbow son. 


Olina puts together our keepsake packages and distributes them to 2 NHS hospitals, and attends the Poole and Bournemouth support groups with Suzanne.



For 6 years, my husband and I suffered infertility. We were told in Jan 2016 we wouldn't get pregnant without ivf. This wasn't an option for us and I was devastated. In Oct 2016 I got a very big surprise I was pregnant. My little miracle entered the world in 2017.

In Jan 2020 I found out I was pregnant again  we was so surprised, excited on cloud 9 but unfortunately in Feb 2020 we were told it was ectopic at 7 weeks. I was devastated. Unfortunately it ruptured later that day and I lost my left tube leaving me devastated. March 2021 we found out we were pregnant again with our rainbow baby but unfortunately April 2021 it was ectopic again in the other side and I needed emergency surgery to remove the left tube. My world crumbled my journey was over. I turned to our angel bears and the support they gave me was amazing.



Claire is the newest member of Our Angel Bears, and you can find out more about her in the coming weeks!

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