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Gemma, Poole UK

"What can I say our angel bears have helped me more than anything. I sent the message not knowing what to do with myself or what I actually needed and I got a reply straight away and was put in touch with someone near me who talked to me and straight away I didn't feel alone I received a box that is amazing I had no memories of my babies due to 6 week losses so this was so important to me they are beautiful and so meaningful. I have attended the local support group. to have coffee and a chat and feel like I matter and my babies matter. our angel bears will be part of my life for a very long time I can't thank you enough."

Liz, Christchurch UK

"Our Angel Bears has been a fantastic support to so many bereaved families. They have provided understanding and comfort around the clock. They are a wonderful team who have sadly experienced the same loss themselves, so understand the multitude and direction of emotions, a listening ear through their site, as well as respectful space when it’s needed. Interest is shown, but never intrusive. Our Angel Bears go above and beyond to support families who they don’t know, very regularly spending their own money – not just their time – in order to provide the much-needed comfort necessary. The level of support they give can be highlighted by the level of followers they have on social media – the numbers of people who recognise them as a positive ‘safe space’ speak for themselves. All members of the team are respectful, friendly, understanding, inspirational and supportive. They come together to unite a community of comfort when it’s needed the most. I have massive respect for the team, I thank them for the ongoing support, loyalty, friendship and understanding they have shown me, and I hope they continue to flourish in the future in all aspects. It’s amazing how they give so much of their time – creating packs for hospitals; supporting people on an individual level as well as a supportive network online, regular social events for them to speak with people in a small group in a relaxed setting… the list is endless, without expectation of anything in return. These are VERY special people and I would love for them to get the recognition they deserve. Thank you team Our Angel Bears for all you do – you are amazing."

Sharon, Poole UK

"I am so proud of everything Suzanne has done with the Bears for Angels, to help others even though her own heart was breaking after suffering so many miscarriages, she was always there to others going through it! I know she has put a bit of light into each parents life at their darkest of hours!! Keep up the amazing work you do"

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