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Co op Community Fund

Thank you so much to everyone who has chosen Our Angel Bears as your @Coopuk Local Community Fund

We are currently third in our area and are trailing behind the other two causes so we really need your support.

One in four pregnancies sadly end in loss and unfortunately babyloss is still a taboo subject.

Our Angel Bears Charity provide University Hospitals Dorset NHS Trust with early pregnancy loss packs so families can receive something in memory of their lost babies no matter how early in the pregnancy they were sadly lost.

We also supply these packs to twenty other NHS trusts throughout the UK.

Our Angel Bears Charity also run two pregnancy loss support groups a month an in person group in Bournemouth and an online group, so families can be supported by others who understand.

This helps families with their emotional recovery and mental wellbeing.

We believe that all babies matter and should be remembered with love.

To find out more about our project and to choose us as your cause, click here

We are a local cause in Poole Dorset but by using our link you can choose Our Angel Bears wherever you are in the UK.

This project starts on 23rd October 2022 and runs for a year until 21st October 2023.

How it works is every very time members buy selected Co-op branded products and services, 2p for every pound spent goes to you and Co-Co-op give the same to their chosen community cause.

So the more you shop at Co-op the more you can help us to raise vital funds.

Any funds we raise will help us to continue our work in the local community and to supply our packs.

So please choose Our Angel Bears we would really appreciate your support 💖💙

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