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Our Angel Bears Charity breaking the silence of babyloss

Babyloss is still a taboo subject but it affects one in four pregnancies.

So there are so many families who have suffered a loss and unfortunately they are not properly supported.

Babyloss is absolutely heartbreaking no matter what gestation but sadly early pregnancy loss isn't taken seriously.

We found from our own personal experiences that we often left hospital with a scan photo and a leaflet and nothing in memory of our babies.

We wanted to make a difference so families knew that their tiny babies mattered and that someone cared.

University Hospitals Dorset NHS Trust very kindly agreed to take our packs to see if this was something families would be interested in.

They were a big success and now we supply our packs to 20 more NHS Trusts throughout the UK and we are hoping to supply to more.

Later losses are often catered for but there is often nothing for early losses.

Our Angel Bears aim to change this .

All babies matter and we promise to remember your babies with you.

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