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Support Our Angel Bears

There are so many ways you can support our small charity it doesn’t have to be of monetary value!

Things you can do to help for free:

🎄 Like, Share and comment on our posts, know somebody who could benefit from our comforting quotes? Bring them to our family

🎄 Volunteer your time! We are always looking to add people to our team to make graphics, put together keepsakes or provide us with homemade craft items, distribute leaflets in their local area.

Of course as a charity ran 100% by unpaid volunteers we do rely on kind donations from our followers, we know there’s a cost of living crisis and we hate to ask but every penny counts! Ways you can help us:

🎄 Share our fundraising links

🎄 Do your normal shopping but go through easy fundraising, we get pennies :)

🎄 Hold a fundraising event for us! You could sell items and donate a portion of profits, hold a fun event like a quiz night!

🎄 Purchase from our Amazon wish list

Donate to our just giving page, any donations however small make a difference to our small charity.

Thank you 💖💙

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