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Tfmr Awareness Day 2024

Today is TFMR (Termination For Medical Reasons) Awareness Day.

4th May 2024.

A day to raise awareness of the heartbreaking decision so many families have to make due to their babies being incompatible with life.

A devastating decision made out of love for their babies as they didnt want them to be in pain and the doctors said there was no choice, so families had to do what was best for their much loved babies.

These families are part of the Babyloss community and should be properly supported and not judged .

We need to remove the stigma around TFMR as its not fair.

We stand with you brave parents and we will remember your babies with you.

Our Angel Bears are TFMR Support Association Members and will work with the Association to raise awareness and offer support to families who have been affected by TFMR


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