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Two years as a registered charity

Two years ago today Our Angel Bears became a registered Charity, after four years of previously working as a non profit organisation.

We are honestly so proud of all we have achieved so far as a Charity.

When Vicki and I founded this Charity we never dreamed that we would be able to support so many families through their grief.

We would like to send our love to everyone on this heartbreaking journey with us and we promise you that we will never stop raising awareness of babyloss and supporting families.

Thank you to our amazing team and everyone who has supported us .

We are truly grateful for all your support.

Here's to many more years of supporting families through the heartbreak of Babyloss.

Lots of love

Our Angel Bears Charity Team.

Suzanne, Vicki, Kerri, Hannah, Olina, Claire and Gemma 💖💙

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